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Finding a good DJ is no easy task! At a time when many music-loving individuals call themselves "DJ", working with a professional will bring you serenity and confidence and allow you to enjoy your event.

Contact us for any inquiries or advice. You can also use the form on this page for any custom quote request!



Enhance the line-up of your nightclub
with the best DJs!


Private parties

Delight your guests with a true professional DJ and turn your living room into a dancefloor.


Student nights

At the top of the latest musical trends,
our DJs are really "too cool for school"!


Bars, Hotels & Restaurants

Liven up your business with the right music and build customer loyalty.


Corporate parties & seminars

Work with us and your customers and colleagues will thank you for the music.


New Year's Eve

There is only one in the year so do not mess up the music. Remember to book your DJ in advance.


Our roots are in the clubs and you can regularly find our DJs on the decks of the best clubs in Paris or the South West of France. Thanks to its wide artistic network, GROOVE CAVIAR proposes the placement of DJs for your club nights. Tell us your needs and your budget and we will take care of the booking of the most suitable DJs in a wide variety of musical styles. Whether for a unique evening or a regular residence, calling a specialized booking agency will save you time and free you from concerns related to the management of these turntables' artists.

Create excitement in your nightclub!

With many years of experience in putting up and promoting club nights, we can help create the event in your disco. DJ booking, artist management, communication, social networks, we can offer you complete solutions for parties that will make history, and the fame of your club! Let us know your desires and your budget and we will develop for you and with you the optimal concept for your customers and your place.

Examples of GROOVE CAVIAR parties

Diversifying the programming and line-up of a nightclub, all your customers will tell you, is definitely a good thing… Collaborate with GROOVE CAVIAR and we'll help you program the most prominent DJs of the moment and blow a wind of musical freshness in your clients' ears. Entrusting the full or occasional management of your programming to competent and specialized professionals in this field will save you time and money. In fact, GROOVE CAVIAR will also allow you to benefit from the fairest rates thanks to its experience and knowledge of the market.

We have a very varied DJ roster: from an open format DJ to a specific DJ in a well defined register, from the best local talent to the big names of international fame. Share your wishes and your means with us and we will make you the most suitable proposals.




Great music


Successful party

Bars & Restaurants

Want to animate your establishment to increase your attendance? For all your music needs, call GROOVE CAVIAR! Our agency represents DJs in different musical styles that you can book to create the event in your place. For a one-off event or a regular residency, we can provide you with the DJ you need. From the best local DJs to the biggest turntables' stars, our network allows us to make the best proposals for your needs, your desires and your budget.

Expand the reputation of your establishment by organizing parties with DJs!

Surprise and earn your customers' loyalty with entertainment that will set you apart from the competition: we offer live DJ mixes with music programs tailored to your place, such as aperitifs music, happy hour, afterwork, dinner dance or jazzy brunch…

We stay of course at your disposal for any personalized request or feasibility study concerning a particular evening you would like to organize. Do not wait any longer, call us on +33 623 625 704 or ask for your free quote on this page!

And hotels also…

Boost your hotel bar with a DJ and keep your guests in your establishment.
Attract a local clientele of professionals by organizing regular afterworks.
Modernize your image by organizing a pool party around your pool.
Sprinkle your glamorous brunches with a jazzy soundtrack.

As you can see, we have plenty of ideas to help you increase the number of visitors to your place. Call us to discuss!

Bars & Restaurants

Private parties

A party in your garden, your house, your vacation rental? GROOVE CAVIAR can provide you with a DJ at home and guarantee you an atmosphere as you had dreamed.
Turn your living room into a dancefloor and treat your guests with a dance party they will remember! Make your friends or your children dream and organize a pool party around your pool!

A DJ for your birthday or your wedding anniversary? So that the best days of your life become unforgettable, trust professionals who will set the perfect mood to music.

Enjoy a DJ at home for an amazing atmosphere!

We can put at your disposal a multitude of themed evenings and artists. Our leitmotiv is to provide you with quality music but we can also offer you many additional activities and technical solutions (lighting, scenography…). With GROOVE CAVIAR, go for tailor-made!

Join the club of memorable private parties by calling on our services for a turnkey organization of your evenings and other private functions. We design with you in every detail the progress and organization of your festivities and we guarantee our DJs will pace your events with tailored and exclusive services.

Let's dance ?

We animate and sound all your events, at your home or at a reception venue:

cocktail party, dinner, evening with friends, birthday, christening, communion, bachelor party, house-warming…

During the day, for the evening, for the night, weekdays, weekends and even sundays afternoon, we are at your service to sound the place of your reception and ambiance your guests.

Soirées privées

The following bundles answer to a regularly formulated request for a service in the Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne area (<30km), free to you to adapt them to your project. We are available and responsive, let's start talking now!

Private Cocktail DJ

2-hour mix

from 7 to 9PM

Professionnal DJ system

Pioneer DJ controller

Professionnal PA System

2x 1000W Mackie standing speakers

Wireless Microphone

Shure system reknowned for its clarity

Installation & removal

elbow grease and sound check

290 €

(offer valid from Sunday to Thursday)

Private Party DJ

4-hour mix

from 10PM to 2AM

Professionnal DJ system

Pioneer DJ controller

Professionnal PA System

2 standing speakers + subwoofer

Dancefloor Lighting

Discoball + gobos + LED pars

Wireless Microphone

Shure system reknowned for its clarity

Installation & removal

elbow grease and sound check

590 €

(get discounts in low season from January to March)

Corporate parties & seminars

Do you want to organize a unique corporate evening or a customers party that surprises your guests and offers them a friendly and joyful atmosphere? End of the year party, Christmas party, farewell drinks, departure for retirement, inauguration, with our strong ability to entertain a varied public we carry out all types of corporate parties.

From DJs to sound systems to lighting, we can recreate a dancefloor in your premises and entertain your staff until the end of the night. Want a burlesque dance show? It's possible. A live Brazilian guitar player? Ask us. We can also rent grandiose places, privatize spaces in the best clubs or book the most suitable places to entertain your team.

Entertain your seminar participants with a musical aperitif or dance party!

An evening shared by colleagues or partners is a moment of emotion, exchange and celebration. What's better than a real professional DJ to make you dance to the music that makes you vibrate and make this evening unforgettable?
We offer the service you need thanks to our experience, our know-how and our professionalism.
Because your collaborators, customers and partners are all different, both in their culture and in their musical tastes, we assure you a DJ animation adapted to all.

At GROOVE CAVIAR, we offer a complete DJ service for your company party and deliver a turnkey service without surprises but we can of course also integrate with your teams of providers to animate your event.

Soirées d'entreprise

Student parties

You are a student association, the party committee or the student union of your school and you organize a student party? GROOVE CAVIAR offers you the best DJ for your prom night, end-of-the-year gala, graduation party or for an integration or disintegration afterwork in a trendy bar!
At this type of event the disc-jockey is the key player for a successful student night. Happy hour students are known for their nights out at bars and nightclubs throughout the year. As connoisseurs, they will be waiting for a DJ who is used to student parties and who will make this moment unforgettable and make this evening a milestone of their year.

Finish the academic year in music!

At GROOVE CAVIAR, DJs are at the forefront of the latest musical trends and will surely set the mood on fire! No outdated playlists or "discomobile" animation with us, our DJs are used to mixing in clubs and mastering dancefloors.

Soirées étudiantes

Let's dance?

New Year's Eve

The turn of the year has long been a great opportunity to party. New Year's Eve is celebrated with music, and there are many bars, hotels and restaurants that call on a DJ to enliven the "12 strokes of midnight" and have their customers dance. A professional DJ will create a festive atmosphere for your guests and have them dance until you close for an unforgettable New Year's Eve party.

Need a professional DJ for New Year's Eve?
Do not wait any longer, contact us!

The quality of the animation of your New Year's Eve celebrations is essential and the choice of your DJ for this special date should not be done lightly. It is from him that will depend the atmosphere and the success of this particular evening, where the festive and convivial moments are essential. At GROOVE CAVIAR, our DJs have a great musical culture to ensure a long and varied program, without repeating the same tunes several times !!!

The best DJs are highly in demand for December 31, so we advise you to book your performance several months in advance and avoid putting your evening at risk with an amateur DJ who only mixes in public once a year… ;-)

Our services include…

  • A physical or telephone appointment to advise you and prepare the evening

  • The preparation and personalization of the musical repertoire (song selection…)

  • Professional DJ control system

  • Professional PA system

  • Dancefloor lighting

  • Installation and dismantling of all necessary hardware

  • DJ performance

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