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Sound design is the art of using sound elements in order to achieve a desired effect. In the field of sales and marketing, sound design mainly refers to techniques for using sound in points of sale or customer contact points (ambient sound). Sound design is one of the components of sensory marketing and contributes to the sound identity of a place or a brand or an app. Sound design generally includes the choice or design of the sounds or music used, but also the technical implementation of the broadcast sources. The term sound design can also relate to the development of the sound characteristics of a product or a place (shop, bar, restaurant, etc.) or even the sound techniques of a website.

Sound design also refers to sound creation applied in all areas where thinking about sound, imagining it, manufacturing it and integrating it is necessary: ​​industry, urban planning/architecture, multimedia, arts (cinema, live performance, installations, etc.)…

Do you manage a shop, restaurant or hotel and want to strengthen your brand image?
GROOVE CAVIAR is there to help you define the musical atmosphere of your establishment and develop its programmation. Passionate about music from day 1, we have acquired an eclectic culture that allows us to meet a large number of requirements in terms of musical universes and imagine a sound identity fitting your image.

Are you organizing an event, a trade show or a Christmas market?
Call on GROOVE CAVIAR to create and manage the soundtrack for your event! From artistic direction to the creation of specific musical content, our team is ready to meet a multitude of sound and musical design needs.

Are you making a film or a video, preparing a show, creating an app or a product requiring audio?
We are at your disposal to transcribe your desires and offer you adapted solutions. Scoring, soundtrack creation, musical direction or product sound design, let us help you set your projects to music.


We put sound design to your service
Call us to assess your needs!

Personalized music helps strengthen your brand image and has a direct impact on your customers. Creating a musical atmosphere specific to your establishment or event has many advantages, such as customer loyalty or increasing its notoriety.
At GROOVE CAVIAR, music is an integral part of our daily lives, and our musical culture is a major asset for the creation of rich and varied content that will best meet your demands.

It's time to act…

Tired of hearing radio commercials in your shop?
Fed up with the latest Justin Bieber on a loop?
Tired of listening to music that doesn't suit you?

As you have understood, taking care of your sound environment means investing in your profitability but also enhancing your well-being. Call us to discuss it!

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